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Load Balancing betwen Framerelay link and secondary router with vpn

parbul asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-12

I have this scenario (Router1 es a switch layer 3 of 3com and the rest  cisco routers)

                             RouterB1 --dsl--Routerb2  
Corporate--Router1                                        Remote
   LAN                    RouterA1 ---FR--RouterA2    LAN

In this moment I have redundancy, the principal link is de RouterA1 with RouterA2, if the Router A2 down  the router B2 take the control  (stanby configuration) and the routing change because i use EIGRP  in the four cisco routers,  if only the link FR fail also de EIGR send the trafic to dsl (redundancy).  The redundancy is ok

Now the question,  I want to send the no critical trafic (https, pop3, ftp) to  dsl   and  the rest critical data to FR  but  if the  dsl link fail send all the trafic to dsl and also if  FR fail  send all the trafic to DSL.

I try  to do this  whith  Policy routing  (I put a rule in the the Router A2 what send the trafic https to RouterB2 and a rule in the Router A1 to send https to Remote LAN to the router B1)  the problem was if the DSL link down  the policy routing rule  continuos send the trafic to dsl (down)  and the https traffic down,  I don´t know how to make a  policy routing rule  that if send trafic to a next router but if this fail  send the trafic to another router  or may exist a best solution thah polcy routing.


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