How do I permanently assign tapes to a Media Set when a tape library is partitioned in Veritas BackupExec 10.0?

Here is the background info: I have a tape library with 10 slots (9-8mm data tapes & 1 - cleaning tape). The app is backupExec 10.0 for Windows servers. I have the library partitioned into 5 partitions and tapes assigned to 4 different media sets. The problem for me is that if I do a big job, veritas may write to several different tapes as it see fit and it really messes me up in keeping track of what's what with what data is on what tape. I wish I could just assign tapes to media sets and that would be that. I have plenty of storage space for the jobs and I can't help but think that it would be a lot "easier" to do it the way that I want. Currently, it will write the data on an differential tape if it likes even though there is space on a full media set tape because it shows that the tape is locked for some reason. I hope this is understandable. The overwrite and append periods are set pretty low, and in fact to "always appendable" on some tapes and the app seems to disregard the settings to write to some other tape outside of the media set. This is very, very frustrating. I have been on the phone with tech support many times and the off-shore technicians, while obviously very brilliant, seem to have a one-track mind and agenda and provide a quick-fix without long term solutions to the wandering backups. Not only that, but sometimes the backup won't be done because the tapes are seemingly locked.
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You mean its writing a job to media in another partition? That's what I read your question as...

Make sure that the job is targeted to the correct partition and not set to "ALL Devices()"

Once scratch media in those partitions is written to it will be moved from scratch media to the media set assigned to that job.

Sounds like that could be your issue as I have never personally seen what you are explaining happen...

LMK if I am on the right track...

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dwielgoszAuthor Commented:
Could it be someting as simple as that? The fact is that I do always assign the job to "all devices". Times that I have been on with techies they  have also told me to do this. I suppose that's the book way of doing it so you'll always have other tapes available. Let me try that.
Could it be someting as simple as that? The fact is that I do always assign the job to "all devices". Times that I have been on with techies they  have also told me to do this. I suppose that's the book way of doing it so you'll always have other tapes available. Let me try that.

If you set the job to all devices then the job will used ANY scratch media in the device.
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dwielgoszAuthor Commented:
It WAS that simple. I'll use this method for now on. Thank You!
Why have you got the library partitioned in the first place?
dwielgoszAuthor Commented:
Initially, with 9.0, I was having problems with the library driver and BE and the techie suggested that I partition. Sometimes I settle into the "box" too much and it really never occurred to me to change it. is there a better way?
Sounds like the same problem we had but rather than partition the library we directed the backup to the tape drive rather than the library. 9.0 was full of such bugs and the 10.0 version that comes on the CD was also useless, I hope you downloaded yours from the web.

But the workaround they gave you probably isn't needed now so you might as well delete the partitions, they can be useful in stopping it using a tape that's reserved for a particular job/media set but unless it's a big library partitions normally just get in the way.

Directing the job to all devices will obviously work but if you change later to add disk to disk to tape then you can't use that method since then you have to direct the backup to tape/robot or disk or you might accidentally end up with 'disk to tape to disk' which isn't much use.
dwielgoszAuthor Commented:
I couldn't even begin to count the number of times that , after getting off the phone with support, I thought that I had finally gotten everything all settled & configured correctly. Several weeks, or months, would pass with BE running fine and then all of a sudden the darned thing would just start failing. it's good to hear someone else refer to BE as buggy as I was beginning to wonder if it was I! LOL.
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