Access and Set Table Row ID

I'm using the following as a test to learn about some functionality I might want to use.
It involves getting and setting the Id of a table row.  
I'm clearly not doing it there a way to do it, and if so, how?

function Button2_onclick() {
var wrkRow=document.getElementById("Row2")
alert(wrkRow.tagName)   //  <=== This works, shows "TR"
alert(wrkRow.Id)            //  <=== This fails, shows undefined
wrk2Row = document.getElementById("Hey")   // <== blows up here, can't find an object with Id="Hey"

Actually, what I want to do is run a javascript function that will assign unique ID's to all the rows in a table (in this instance a rendered ASP.NET Gridview).   So this was just one approach that I thought I might be able to use...get the row as an object, and set its Id Property...(updating an existing Id would just be gravy)...but, these are all just newbie assumptions, so...

Any help on this would be appreciated.

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Javascript is case sensitive. Try:

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To remember the correct casing for javascript properties remember this:
The property name will be lower case for single words. When multiplewords, first word is lower case and others are proper-cased. Example
Get Element By Id = (javascript) getElementById
To Lower Case = (javascript) toLowerCase()
codequestAuthor Commented:
That worked.   I appreciate youre last comment, also.   I've stumbled into case-sensitivity in javascript enough times that hopefully I'll start to remember.   I guess it's ME that needs to start being case sensitive! :0)
Thanks very much!  
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