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Internet disconnects, when idle, connect thought a router.

andrewdunk asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-14
I'm using a Buffalo WMR-G54 Router, i have just finished building my Server for FTP, Remote desktop and hosting. I have a problem in that the internet disconnects when it becomes idle, this is fine when your infront of the pc because you just simply open internet exploer and the internet is back on line, sometimes you have to click your home page a couple of times to get it to reconnect, but when your at a remote location and i want to use my ftp i cant connect. As i have been disconnected. As my isp changes my ip address frequently i use no-ip duc which updates my ip address thought a domain. I need to know how i can keep my internet connection active 24/7, is it a problem with the router or how windows xp pro sp2 is configured. i have read a thread on changing my MTU which i dont think will fix the problem but i will try, i also have a software utilty called internet cyclone with which i can change the MTU and other settings. i have spoken to wanadoo and they do not disconnect the internet connection when it becomes idle. So this leads me to the router.
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I asked earlier about stopping the internet disconnecting when idle, i beleive i have found the problem. Within my router settings there is an option "idle timeout timer" but you can only change this setting by selecting Dial on demand. What i would like to know is i want to run my server 24/7 which is activly connected to the internet. Do i need Dial on demand selected and raise the idle time upto max, or uncheck Dial on demand. My router was perviously set up with Dial on demand and idle timeout @ 1min, but with this setting i could never connect to my FTP, i would have to get someone at home to open internet exploer
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