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2 Listboxes with index problem

thaburner asked
Last Modified: 2010-05-01
I have two listboxes and the first one is Priv. Availb. and the other is Priv. Applied. I figured out how to move priv. from one list to another. but how do i set the index when i move it over to the priv applied list?  I tried adding the list index option after the additem for the other list but i got an error Invalid procedure call or argument. Also i have a button to move all items from one list to another is their a easy way of doing this. As well when i go to save the settings i need to read the listbox to see which permissions where moved over to Priv applied how can I read through them all?

Private Sub cmdL1toL2_Click()

    lstPrivApplied.AddItem lstPrivAvil.Text
    lstPrivAvil.RemoveItem lstPrivAvil.ListIndex

End Sub

Private Sub cmdL2toL1_Click()

    lstPrivAvil.AddItem lstPrivApplied.Text
    lstPrivAvil.RemoveItem lstPrivAvil.ListIndex

End Sub

Private Sub AddPrivToList()
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "SELECT", 0
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "INSERT", 1
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "UPDATE", 2
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "DELETE", 3
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "CREATE", 4
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "DROP", 5
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "GRANT", 6
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "REFERENCES", 7
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "INDEX", 8
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "ALTER", 9
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "CREATE_TMP_TABLE", 10
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "LOCK_TABLES", 11
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "CREATE VIEW", 12
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "SHOW VIEW", 13
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "CREATE ROUTINE", 14
lstPrivAvil.AddItem "ALTER ROUTINE", 15
End Sub
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I don't like using the index as an ID for items in a listbox. Its Better to use the ItemData property for each item because the ItemData doesn't change when moving or reordering items and its a user option to assign the data (number) you want to each item:

Private Sub cmdL1toL2_Click()
    Dim tmpIndex As Integer
    tmpIndex = lstPrivAvil.ListIndex
    lstPrivApplied.AddItem lstPrivAvil.Text
    lstPrivApplied.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = lstPrivAvil.ItemData(tmpIndex)

    lstPrivAvil.RemoveItem tmpIndex

End Sub

Private Sub cmdL2toL1_Click()
    Dim tmpIndex As Integer
    tmpIndex = lstPrivApplied.ListIndex
    lstPrivAvil.AddItem lstPrivApplied.Text
    lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = lstPrivApplied.ItemData(tmpIndex)

    lstPrivApplied.RemoveItem tmpIndex

End Sub

Private Sub AddPrivToList()
' We start numbering from 1 because 0 is the default number

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "SELECT"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 1

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "INSERT"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 2

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "UPDATE"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 3

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "DELETE"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 4

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "CREATE"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 5

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "DROP"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 6

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "GRANT"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 7

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "REFERENCES"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 8

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "INDEX"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 9

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "ALTER"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 10

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "CREATE_TMP_TABLE"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 11

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "LOCK_TABLES"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 12

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "CREATE VIEW"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 13

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "SHOW VIEW"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 14

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "CREATE ROUTINE"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 15

lstPrivAvil.AddItem "ALTER ROUTINE"
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = 16

End Sub

Now you can check the ItemData of the listbox to see what permisions is selected using a loop eg: if the itemData =1 then the permision is SELECT,...


I get error
invalid property array index

it works fine if i comment these two lines

lstPrivApplied.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = lstPrivAvil.ItemData(tmpIndex)
lstPrivAvil.ItemData(lstPrivAvil.NewIndex) = lstPrivApplied.ItemData(tmpIndex)
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that did the trick thx
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