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Whats the difference between a 'test case' and a 'test procedure'?

tmonteit asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
I'm supposed to write both.  I don't get why they aren't the same.  Or, are they?  Perhaps someone who does a lot of these can explain it to me in laymans terms.


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Just a guess while passing through:

A 'test case' is the particular situation that needs to be evaluated.  "I wonder what happens when I get 100 requests for this table in 1 second?"

A 'test procedure' is the code/method/whatever used to actually evaluate that particular situation.  "I'm generating 100 requests every 1 second these are the stats displayed here that indicate we do/don't have a problem with that case."

These terms may mean different things to different folks...

In my view, a TEST CASE is a data set or circumstance that is used to verify a product or to expose a problem.

A TEST PROCEDURE is a sequence of steps to verify a product or expose a problem.  A TEST PROCEDURE may use a TEST CASE.
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I was trying to keep things simple.  I admired jhance's response for being succinct.  On the other hand; moonlight's response not only required a lot of typing (although I'm disappointed in the sense I didn't see the billing example); it provided an official LINK!  

No offense intended to anyone.  I found a sense of humor in this and had hoped to share the smiles.  As for "points" I'll leave that to tmontiet (if I spelled that wrong please pardon my glasses) but will provide the input that I'm in favor of either of the other two.  I hope it is felt that the answer was provided.  Looks like it to me.
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