Former Employee account

I have a former employee who I need to gain access to his email account for some upcoming meetings this person had with clients. I tried to change his password in Active Directory and I could login fine, and I could open Outlook fine but when I tried to open his folders I gt the following message:

Attempt to log on to Micrsosft Exchange Server Computer has Failed"

I can ping both the exchange server name and IP Address. Any ideas on how I can get in?
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The usual way would be to grant yourself access to the mailbox and add it to your mailbox. The only permission you need to add is "Full Mailbox Access". Have you tried it through OWA?

I hate to ask this but is the mailbox connected to the users AD account?
kevinfo1Author Commented:
I am a very green admin when it comes to exchange. How do I know if it is connected to the users AD account?
What is OWA?
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1. In Exchange System Manager, locate the mailbox store that contains the  mailbox in question.
2. Click the Mailboxes object under the mailbox store.
Look in the right hand pane for the mailbox in question. Is it marked as disconnected (the mailbox icon appears with a red X)?
If yes then Right-click the disconnected mailbox, click Reconnect, and then select the appropriate user from the dialog box that appears. Note: Only one mailbox can be connected to an AD account.
Click OK.

Check out this article:
kevinfo1Author Commented:
I do not see his account in the Mailbox Store. Does this mean he was already deleted?
It sounds like it has.

What version of Exchange are you running?
kevinfo1Author Commented:
Well it sounds like you will have to build a recovery server and restore a backup that has the users mailbox in it. Then you can export the contents to a PSt file.

See this article:
How to recover or restore a single mailbox in Exchange 2000 Server

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