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Network Print Server and Presentation Server 4.0

techbo asked
Last Modified: 2011-08-18
PS4.0 Running on W2K3 SP1
PN 9.1 running on XP SP1
Windows 2000 Print server

Having an issue, but wanted confirmation of suspicions before I embark on the resolution.

Users get printers mapped via logon script when they logon to XP.  Printers are on a Networked print server, not necessarily in the same subnet as the user machines.

Users have problems printing to certain printers.  The printer is mapped, and is brought successfully into the published app, but when printing for example in a published Office App, Windows complains that there are no printers available, and suggests sweetly that I install one if I want to go any further.  I can see the printer when I hit Ctrl+P.

I am not running any printer policies, and although I have imported the Print Server into PS4.0 I am not explicitly connecting them to the sessions.

Only happens to some users, and only some printers.  If I change the user to connect directly to the printer, and not via the Print Server, the problem resolves itself.

Would I be right in assuming this is to do with mismatched driver versions between the PS4.0 servers and the Print server/Client?

Would I also be right in saying that if I were to delete the driver in question from the PS4.0 servers then Citrix would automatically define it as a Citrix Universal Printer?  This certainly happens with printers that I know the drivers aren't on the PS4.0 servers.  Printing works fine with these.

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>> If I change the user to connect directly to the printer, and not via the Print Server, the problem resolves itself.

If you can print from citrix with this method then it is not a driver issue.... unless the driver on the print server is different than what you are using when configuring a direct connection (even a minor difference such as PCL6 vs. PCL 5e could be a problem).

you said you have no printer policies, so how are you configuring printing in citrix?  


When users log onto the domain, the printers are mapped via logon script.  
I haven't configured Citrix printing at all, apart from installing a number of print drivers onto the server,  so I guess all user printers will be autocreated.

If you haven't configured any printing policies in Citrix I'm not sure what is the default (I don't think I've ever tried not doing any policies).  When a user logs into citrix, do they see all the printers that they have locally?  Or maybe you have all the printers installed & configured on the server locally.

Change the Printer folder View in Citrix to Detail so you can see comments about the printers.  Do they say "Autocreated Client Printer..."?

I guess to get back to your original question is yes this sounds like a driver issue but the resolution to your problem depends on how they are setup in citrix (either mapping to the client machine, or set up on the server).  If you want help troubleshooting that just let me know.  Otherwise check the drivers/ printer config or like you said earlier delete the driver and see if it works with the Universal Driver.


I think I am confusing Autocreated Printers with Client mapped printers.  When the user logs into Citrix, they do see all of their local printers and these printers do show up in the printers folder on the Citrix server as 'autocreaded client printer'.

All the drivers from the Print server are installed onto the Citrix servers, however since the Print Server is W2k and the CTX server W2k3, there could be discrepancies with driver versions.  Would this cause the issue?

I find it amusing that the UPD works more successfully than the specific driver.

I have also imported the Print Server into the Farm, and am playing with print policies.  Would I be correct in assuming that I can disable client printer mapping via ICA settings, and then use the policies to connect printers to the sessions?  Is this the recommended route?  I also notice that importing the Print Server/Printers does not import the drivers.  Does PS4 then use the UPD?

Thanks for the assistance so far..............

Print Policies is the way to go... it gives you control over how your printers are configured.  You can both disable client printer mappings and also use your imported network print server with policies.  

Create a new policy and under the Printing section you will see all you need.  Under the "Session printers" tab is where you specify which printers from your imported network print server that you users will be able to see/use.

Make sure after creating the policies you "Apply" it to your users, otherwise it will not take effect.


I have done some reading overnight, and I agree with you that Print Policies is the answer.  

With regards to drivers, am I right in assuming that if the driver is on the Citrix server, it will use that to render the job sent to the Print Server?  If it doesn't exist, then it will use the UPD driver.

Is it worth not having any drivers on the Citrix server and leaving all rendering up to the UPD, and only install drivers when specialist requirements come along, (plotters etc), or it is best practice to install all drivers from the print server to the Citrix box?
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Great.  Thanks for all the help.  Most useful!
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