Dialog List Changes when user goes back into list

Hola from Sunny Florida, Experts, maybe this is a bug or maybe I have something selected improperly but I have a dialog list with these options:

Name Change
New Hire
Other Request

The user will pick Other Request, they will then go back out and go to change it the problem is the Other Request now is broken into 2 words so the list looks like this:

Name Change
New Hire
Other Request

The user will then either select other or request which completely invalidates my hide when formulas and my worlk flow.

How do I fix it so that if they selected th ewrong one and go back to change the slection they don't see the current selection as 2 separate selections.

Kinda Hot this is in a production form.
Ray PadillaIT DirectorAsked:
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Ray PadillaIT  DirectorAuthor Commented:
I've temporarily changed it to a combo box but it isn't very nice looking on the form.......I'd rather use the dialog list.
In the field properties check under the third tab and under multi-value options and make sure you do not have space selected as the separator for users to enter.
Ray PadillaIT  DirectorAuthor Commented:
They can only select one value so that option is greyed out....
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Right you are.  I guess that is a bug then.  Unless any one else has a different opinion?
Hi padillrr,

How is the list concatentated?

List:="Deletion":"Name Change":"New Hire":"Other Request":"Transfer"

Or do you have a series in the dialog box:
Name Change|1
New Hire|2
Other Request|3

Create a multivalue field, separate on new line only, computed with the name= "MyList"
Formula = "Deletion":"Name Change":"New Hire":"Other Request":"Transfer"

In the dialog box select "Use Formula for Choices" and then enter the field name: MyList
Be sure you don't have a translation formula.  What's happening is that there is a translation formula or a typo in some field that is taking the value they've selected and turning it into two words.

Request  <>"Other Request"

Because something is adding a space or separating Other Request into  two values Other:Request

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
mshogren is more or less right, in advising you to deselect the space as multi-value separator. "But I said it is not available!" Yeah, I know, so enable multi-value, disable ALL separators, and disable multi-value again. By the way, this is not a bug, this is just another feature...
marilyng, I tested your solution on a blank form with nothing else on it but it didn't work.  Same for sjef_bosman.  I think padillr is on to something here.  My tests were conducted on Notes 6.5.4.
mshogren.. what exactly didn't work?   The list, the form, the values.. my tests on 6.5.3.

No, I agree with sjef.. if you had a field that was a dialog box with multiple entries, and then changed it to single entries, the old multi-value separators are cached in the form, you have to go back to the multivalue version, and set the separators, and then change it to single.. or create a new field.

I don't think its a bug, because I was unable to duplicate the same problem.  I have seen the problem happen when
a b c <> abc or
abc (space) <> abc(no space)
Ok, mshogren, apologies.  I was finally able to duplicate the problem. Here's the poop.  If you create a dialog list with set values, save it and then change anything on the field, i.e.  change the dialog to drop down, combo box, etc. after you've saved the form, you get the split:

This One
This Two
This Three
Other Options

Delete the field, recreate it, and either populate the list from a field or write the list in, and the values appear correctly.  

Tested v R6.5.3
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Hi Marilyn, instead of deleting the field, did you try to set it to multi-value, remove the separators, reset to single value?
Yup, I specifically tried that, and it caused the duplication when you go back in.  I, like you, assumed that would fix it.  
How are you doing with this?  Still stuck?
Ray PadillaIT  DirectorAuthor Commented:
Yes I am no real fix I tried deleting the field recreating it and still the same issue
throw a new replica of design with no documents, if documents contain the previous field, it may be caching.  

Or recreate the form.

Point is, you have to delete or rename the OLD form, OLD field and then compact the database.  To remove all documents in a database, set the replication space spavers settings to 0, and enable - it will remove all documents, then reset the space savers to "30" and disable, so you don't have delete stubs from when the pilgrims arrived.

I found the problem occurs if you change the field settings after you've saved it.  Think it has something to do with the designer cache, too.
Ray PadillaIT  DirectorAuthor Commented:
I've tried all recommended solutions but none has worked, could it be a version issue?
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Can you send us a working test database (form, some data, nothing important of course) so we can test hands-on? It might be necessary to add some silly statement like

    Request := Request

in the Translation formula of the Request field, in order to get it recomputed. There is an earlier similar question, see http:Q_21183587.html#12446326 for the solution in that case. Maybe it'll help you...
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