Recommendation for Cisco 2801 Router for small branch office setup

I am looking for what you would recommend for a setup for a small branch office using the 2801 series. What we would need is something like this for the initial setup, the big thing is that we want VOIP. This is huge. However I don't know much about the ins and outs of this, I do believe that you can connect to POTS so you have a 1 to 1 translation.
We currently are running a Pix 515 FW on the facility, however I gather you can replace the FW with the router due to the intergrated security features. We also have a 2600 router that is not in use, can we add a voice module to that which will connect via POTS, or add a voice module to the router and install a CallManager server? Any guidance for us would be great, we are a small brance office running a cablemodem at the moment however I hope to be able to move to FIOS in the near future. Thanks guys, appreciate it!
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Les MooreSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
2800 series might be a good choice for your application.
If you have less than 24 total users, the 2801 should be adequate. Look for the "secure voice bundle"
If you don't get the bundle, then you have to piece it together.
The voice bundle piece adds the DSP for analog to digital, and it includes the Call Manger Express supporting up to 24 IP phones. You can add Unity Express module and FXS/FXO analog POTS ports as needed to connect to the POTS lines.
Unity Express gives you voice mailboxes and some other features. Integrates voice mail with email, etc..
The Security features of the bundle includes the SDM GUI and Firewall feature set plus a VPN accelerator.
As long as you already have the PIX FW, I'd save a little money and just go with the voice bundle and let the PIX do the security out front. The money you save by forgoing the security features in the router will allow you to buy the Unity module.
Relative prices for comparison (all LIST price)
2801 Voice Bundle (C2801-CCME/K9) $3095
2801 Secure Voice Bundle (C2801-V3PN/K9)  $4695
Unity Express for 2800 Series (AIM-CUE=)   $1795
VIC2-2FXS analog POTS module  $400 -- use for internal fax machine or analog phone
VIC2-4FXO  $800 -- used for inbound/outbound from POTS lines
Don't forget the Smartnet 8x5 next business day support package..

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