report form sort by ascending order

okay another question -- I have a report that I want in the following format

From   To   Description
  0        2   aserjasdjfkdxfa
  2       10  aktj;aslkmf'sadlv
 10      50  akjsr;elasjkfd;vlkz'c

In my query for the report I already put the From field in ascending order and when I look at the result the table IS in ascending order but in the report it's in descending order.  How do I force it to appear in ascending order in the report?


I still haven't solved my vertical line problem
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Check your sorting and grouping options in design view.  Query results may have been over-ridden by a wizard.
MeilaniZamoraAuthor Commented:
I don't have anything grouped and the only thing I have in any order is [DepthFrom]
Is from a text or number field?
Can you post the syntax of the query whicxh is the source of the report?
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MeilaniZamoraAuthor Commented:
it is a number field

SELECT tbl_GeologyLogOverview.HoleID, tbl_GeologyLogOverview.DepthFrom, tbl_GeologyLogOverview.DepthTo, tbl_Header.EOH, [DepthTo]-[DepthFrom] AS Length, tbl_GeologyLogOverview.LithologyID, tbl_GeologyLogOverview.UnitCode, tbl_GeologyLogOverview.ModelCodeID, tbl_GeologyLogOverview.ModelCode, tbl_GeologyLogOverview.OlivineGrainSize, tbl_GeologyLogOverview.MagmaclastGrainSize, tbl_GeologyLogOverview.TexturalClassification, tbl_GeologyLogOverview.Description
FROM tbl_Header INNER JOIN tbl_GeologyLogOverview ON tbl_Header.HoleID = tbl_GeologyLogOverview.HoleID
WHERE (((tbl_GeologyLogOverview.HoleID)=[Forms]![frm_Master]![frm_Header].[Form]![TxtHoleID]))
ORDER BY tbl_GeologyLogOverview.DepthFrom;
The comment from jerryb30 is correct, to sort (even when you have no grouping) you need to place the fields in the Grouping popup form. (Press the [= looking button)
Select the field(s) and set the sort property of the row as you want.

MeilaniZamoraAuthor Commented:
sorry but where do I find the Grouping popup form  - What/Where is the [= button?

I'm SO confused
Then use the menu: View/Sorting and Grouping
The button's image is just in front of the choice :-)


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