Extra Partition for Virtual Memory

I am just wondering if it would improve preformance to have an extra partion set aside just for Virtual memory as is the case in the Linux/Unix world (/swap), on a seperate physical HD.  

And if what formating would be of most use.

Many Thanks, in advanced

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Extra partition, not at all.  Extra DISK, Sure.  With an extra partition, the same drive spindels are still used to read and write to the C: as well as to the VM partition, so there won't be any performance increase.  With a seperate disk for the pagefile, it will run entirely off that drive and thereby not have to contend for time using the read/write heads.

As for the format, presumably of the drive, I always use NTFS.  There's no good reason not to.  FAT32 has a 4GB file size limit.  NTFS limit is the size of the drive.  read more on NTFS (and comparison with FAT32) at www.ntfs.com

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If you are doing a lot of paging/swapping a seperate drive for the swap file (under any OS) would help improve performance.

If you are in a IDE world, putting it on a seperate IDE interface would be even better.  That way paging I/O does not interfer with I/O for data/programs at all.

However, if you do no paging or very little paging, then it will do nothing but waste a disk drive.

Theoritically, that helps, but from experience the partition should really be on another HDD. Else it's quite pointless in doing so because you still rely on the same Read / Write heads :-)

If I were you I would grab a really cheap (2nd-hand even) 7200 RPM or faster drive to use as a secondary.
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