Video Card? - DVI to Widescreen Projector

Hi all,

I am running a AGP NVIDIAGeForce FX 5200 video card to a Mitsubishi HC900 Widescreen Projector through the DVI port.
The video card came with my computer so dont know if its excellent in the scheme of things with good/bad video cards.
I am running into a couple of problems I am hoping someone can shine some light onto.

- If i set a resolution of 1280x720 it will look in proportion, but when the computer restarts it defaults back to 1280x1024.. can i make it stay at my set resolution??
- When playing a DVD or movie, or even with some images, little green artifacts are displayed through the projector.. why? is this because the video card isnt good enough. I know the projector is fine. Are there video cards deliberately made for widescreen displays/projectors??
- And thirdly, the colours dont quite seem right, almost too much dark, not enough contrast... could this be a video card issue too?

I think it's a video card problem.  Perhaps a OS rebuild with video card drivers reinstall might fix.
Any ideas people?

Thanks in advance.
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PauliostroAuthor Commented:
Just double checked and its a:
WinFast A310 Ultra card with an NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Chip.
It is very likely a driver problem. Try this update (assuming you're running xp or w2k)
The green "sparklies" may be interference being picked up by the cable.  They tend to show up on black areas of the screen - the solution is a higher quality cable.  You may also be exceeding the distance limit for DVI; I assume you are running the projector from a distance?  The lack of contrast, I think, is due to the low quality of the card.  An inexpensive Radeon 9000 will do a great job of displaying colors, which is what I used for a long time on my front projector.
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Yes, fortunately or unfortunately, ATI puts more time and money into their software dev for their cards, and their 9 series dominated Nvidias FX (5xxx) series. I would buy an All-In-Wonder (AIW) brand 9-Series ATI card, which are optimized with working with displays and TVs and the such.
PauliostroAuthor Commented:
Thanks all, all your answers are great!  Big thanks to maramom, i downloaded the new drivers and she's purrring like a kitten.  The video card now detects my output device, the projector.  But one prob... only one resolution, the resolution i want to use, which is 1280x720 does not display corectly.  It appears as if i need to shrink the screen to fit the res properly, but i can't.  All other resolutions appear ok. but this res... anyone know why??
Sorry to take so long to get back to you.  It appears that your projector uses a 16:9 ratio at a native resolution of 1024 x 576, which could be the reason for your problems displaying at 1280 x 720. Other higher resolution will be compressed.

here's a link to the manual for your projector:

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