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I am new to InDesign and have struggled through creating my first booklet for an upcoming program.  It is a basic 8.5 x 11, folded in half, 15 or so pages, facing. Auto numbering numbers them in the order that they appear on the palette.  However, becasue they are facing and in a booklet, the pages go 2,13, then 14, 3 then 4, 13 etc.  Is there a way, save manually, to do this?

Thanks so much............once I get this project out from under my belt, I'll take some time to educate myself on the program.

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Hi, baldridged,

Hmmm, been a while since I've messed with this.  But, I had OK results when I figured it out.

The term you are looking for, I believe, is "imposing" or "imposition" (

I did the same kind of book (sad to admit, a rulebook/handbook for my daughter) and I left the pages numbered in the order I worked on or wanted them.  When I printed my "book", I used the "In Booklet SE" selection off the File menu.  It moves the pages around where they need to be.

Is this what you meant?


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baldridgedAuthor Commented:
I think this wil help a great deal. I liked the link to imposition.  I will have to follow up on the page numbering issue in a few days as I manually numbered them in order to meet my deadline. Points are being rewarded for the education you offered!  Always welcome here.  I do beleive you have led me to the resolution!

Ahhh, Doreen, you've made my day.  I like points but a "thanks" feels very good.  

To follow up, I looked at spending a few bucks for the upgrade (or even a different piece of software) but I'm not sure that genre of software has all the bugs out yet. I don't do enough of it, either.  

I'd suggest creating an 8-page document (folded 8.5 x 11) and just center the page number and then walk through the In Boklet SE to make sure you're printing with the right parameters before you do anything bigger.  I had to tinker a bit but I'm not so quick to catch on.

And now that you know the word, you can do more education.

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