Extremely Slow (Hours!) logon times in WinXP

My client is a public school system in which we have migrated their entire network from Novell to AD.  We have 2 DCs in the Central Office (dc01 & dc02) with dc01 serving as the DNS server for the district, and each school having their own server, which is also a DC.

At one school, some users (a couple of months after the migration) are experiencing super-long logon times (1 user actully tried to logon in the morning, and by 3:00 it still wasn't in)!

My question is this:  I know that DNS on the workstations should point to teh IP of the server running DNS (in this case, dc01 in the CO), which they do.  Should I make each DC (in each school) a DNS server and point workstation DNS there?  Seems to me that would be unnecessary, but with the extended logon times, I'm at the end of myself.
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You should make each DC in each school at least a DNS server and probably a global catalog server as well.  The global catalog is needed to be able to log on, so as it stands now, each logon is being sent over the WAN link.

CPTNSAuthor Commented:

If I make each server a DNS, then I will create a ton of network traffic, which I am loathe to do considering we have wireless internet connectivity.  Secondly, if this were a DNS issue, wouldn't I have this issue on ALL workstations?
DNS is a requirement for active directory and the traffic created by it is inevitable, but it is a much better plan to keep that traffic within your local nets at each of the schools rather traversing the wan for each dns query.  The reason why it is only happening on some machines is because there was probably a dns cache that was built in the machines at some point in time and the machine is still using that while the other machines that are experiencing the lag are not.  I would still highly recommend you put a DNS and global catalog server at each site to cut down on unnecessary traffic on the wan.


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