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lookuphandle:handle not allocated and lotus

manul1 asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-18
When i try to open an email, doesnt matter if it has an attachment or I get this error "lookuphandle:handle not allocated and lotus" and i need to close Lotus notes. The version is 5.0.11. Please advice
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Hi manul1,
Offhand, I would say that your notes client is corrupt, or the mail database design is corrupt.


Exit notes,
delete cache.dsk, (not cache.ntf)
rename Bookmarks.nsf to Bookmarks.old
rename desktop5.dsk  to desktop.dsk

Restart Notes.
Click on an email - if you still get the error, then
Ask your admin to see if someone else gets the error when they open your email database.
If so, then it's the database:
Have your Notes Admin replace the design and compact your email database.
    If that doesn't work, then ask him/her to create a local replica, delete the one on the server and replace it with the replica they created.
If no one else gets the error when they access your database, and you've done the renaming of the workspace, you'll probably have to reinstall Notes.
But, first back up the data directory, uninstall Notes, and then reinstall.  This way if there is a program file that was corrupt, you'll be sure to replace it.
       When reinstalling you'll need to copy:
              your *.id files
              anything in the data\mail folder (like a_*.nsf)
              pernames.nsf (your address book)
Hope this helps..