Daemon Tools 4 - Cannot start, cannot uninstall, cannot install.

I've recently performed a repair installation on my Windows XP computer. Now when I try to launch Daemon Tools 4, I receive:

Initialization error.
This program requires at least Windows 2000 with SPTD 1.21 or higher.
Kernel debugger must be deactivated.

The program used to work perfectly, the only cause of the problem I can think of is when I did repair installation, I used Windows XP Pro (SP1) to install, where my installation before the repair was SP2.

This did cause some troubles, but I managed to get rid of them, I like Daemon Tools and I want to keep using it. Please offer some advices, thank you.
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Try reinstalling SP2.
Try Re-installing SPTD by downloading this stand alone installer

Best Wishes

Description: this is the standalone-package of the SPTD-driver. To remove the SPTD-driver, simple download it and via command-console, execute it "sptdinst_x86.exe remove" and SPTD will remove itself from your windows installation. If you want to add it, execute in command console "sptdinst_x86.exe add". SPTD is also used (besides DaemonTools) in some proprietary security, antivirus and monitoring applications which are not disclosed to wide public.
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DCreatureAuthor Commented:
dcsbeemer: I already re-installed SP2.

When I try to use remove switch, it says it's not installed. When I tried to install, it says it cannot open config key.

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Hello Dcreature.

Here is a list of things that you should do to fix the problem, as I've had this problem myself in the past:

1. Uninstall v4.0 if possible.
2. Right click My Computer and choose Properties.
3. Go to the Advanced tab->Startup and Recovery->Settings.
4. Set the "Write Debugging" information to none, and click Okay/Apply enough times to exit the Properties.
5. Reinstall Daemon Tools, and you should be fixed.
6. After you've reinstalled DT, you may set the Write Debugging information back to what it was previously set at, and it should be fine.

If the above fix doesn't help you, I know of a few more things that could be causing the problem.

One problem that may be starting this is the "Starforce" drivers. Attempt uninstalling these and see if the problem is fixed. Also, some with Anti-Vir software on their computer have found that DT doesn't always open properly if the real-time protection is open, or if the program is on at all.

I hope I was able to be of assistance.

Sorry I didn't see the "cannot uninstall" portion of the title. How exactly did you try to uninstall the program and what stopped it from being uninstalled?

Some suggestions: Make sure that DT is not running in the memory, try running uninst.exe in the Daemon Tool installation folder, or if you didn't before, run the uninstallation from the program group.
DCreatureAuthor Commented:
Computer_Genius101, you're right, but you could have typed / copy and paste the solution here instead of referring to another site.

Basically, I had to reboot into Safe Mode with Command Prompt, then use the standalone SPTD installer with it's Add / Remove switch.

Thanks guys.
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