Sending Email w/ AOL Connection

One of our home officed employees has AOL.  He will connect to AOL then fire up Outlook and recieve his email and send email.  When sending regular emails (just text) everything seems to be working just dandy.  When you try to attach a file that is say 1 MB or higher it will start to send it then outlook will crap on itself and give an error like "Unknown error if this continues please see administrator"  I do not have the computer in front of me to be exact on that piece.

We use Go Daddy for hosting of our email.  So the outgoing SMTP server is and as I have said previously it works great on regular emails from his home.  I have broadband and use the same smtp server and I can send large files all day long.

When I searched go daddy to see the max size an email can be I got the following response:
"Check the size of your message. The maximum message size for our SMTP service is 25MB. Most ISP’s message size limit for their SMTP service is much, much smaller, usually 5 or 6 MB. A larger message size allows you to send larger files to your recipients."

I understand that sending a large email over dial up is painstaking but why would I be getting the error.  Would it be an AOL issue or....?

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Greetings, mblanco2000 !

The problem sending could be a timing issue.

1. Check if antivirus email check is slowing sending.  Disable it.

2. In the account settings, Advanced settings, change the server timeout time from 1 min to 5 min

Best wishes!

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Hi mblanco2000,

Check your settings, take a look at :

Hi mblanco2000,

This may be of no use at all but I had Outlook keep dropping out on me for a while. I use AOL. I found the following useful:

Select the Mail Setup Tab
Pick Send/Receive button
Select 'All Accounts' and Pick Edit...
Pick Account Properties
Select the Advanced... Tab

In there there are several settings that may need tuning for AOL. but the one that has stabilised my connection is to up the server timeout setting. I currently have mine set at 40 seconds but I have ADSL.

This question may be better placed in the Outlook page. Being a page editor I can move questions. Would you like me to move it there?

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mblanco2000Author Commented:
Sure you can move this question to the Outlook page.  I appreciate the help.  I am going to try to Server Timeout setting this afternoon when I can get my hands on the computer.
mblanco2000, were you able to try the timing suggestions that I posted above?
mblanco2000Author Commented:
Not yet but hopefully tomorrow I wil be able to.

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Thanks, war1
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