Raptor Flowchart Progamming similar to Microsoft Visio

I have a problem consturcing a multipication table when a user enters two numbers.

The intructions are here. I need to see the code used for the conditions for each of the two loops

In this part of the lab your task is to design a Raptor
program/flowchart that reads in two different numbers from the user,
and that builds a rectangular multiplication table, whose upper
left-hand corner contains the first number times itself, and whose
lower right-hand corner contains the second number multiplied by
itself.  The first row and first column will need to output the
numbers being multiplied.  As in this example (in which 3 and 7 were
used as the input):

9     12    15    18    21

12    16    20    24    28

15    20    25    30    35

18    24    30    36    42

21    28    35    42    49

----Run finished----

           In order to create this chart, you will need to have two
loops nested together, as shown in the example to the right.  Although
there are many ways in which these nested loops can be configured, be
sure to keep the diamond at the top of the loop (just below the oval
that contains the word "Loop), and be sure to nest them with the
second "Loop" oval below the diamond that belongs to the outer loop.
Using this configuration will allow you to easily convert these loops
into MatLab "while" loops in the next part of this lab, and then into
"for" loops in the last part of this lab.

           In order to make the text line up, you will need to start
by setting your MasterConsole to 10 point Courier font (just as you
did in Part 1).  In order to keep the numbers lined up when the output
goes above and below 10, you will need to use at least one if-then /
selection command.  Be sure to put appropriate comments at the
beginning of your file (including your name, your partner's name, the
date, and the name of this assignment).

I'am totally lost on this assignment, Any ideas on what I can do?
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Because your target language is different consider this python program as algorithm:

for j in range(n1,n2+1):
      for i in range(n1,n2+1):
            print i*j,

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Can you help with this?  I have to do this table in Raptor but Im lost.

1. Provide your analysis for the following problem statement: You need to write a program that would calculate the results for the multiplication table up from 1 to 100. (For example, 1X1, 1X2, 1X3 … 1X10, 2X1, 2X2 …. 10X2 … 10x10). Your program should print the output for each step and output a new line after 10 items. So the example output would be something like this Notice a new line appears after 10 steps:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
2 4 6 8 10 … 20

10 20 30 … 100
To write the new lines you can just use code similar to : write “new line”. Hint: You will probably use a nested repetition loop.
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