mod_rewrite multilingual support

basicly what i need  the user to surf to
and for the apache to redirect him to a script with XXX as a GET variable.

i made a rewrite rule that works fine when XXX is made of english chars but where i use hebrew chars it doesnt work...

RewriteRule ^/?([a-z]+)$ /test.php?var=$1

i tried playing with unicode/ansi format... but had no luck
i know this is possible to do somehow.. because i've seen done on other websites...

if you know the trick i have 500 points for you.
thanks in advance.
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Try to use

RewriteRule ^/?([^./]+)$ /test.php?var=$1 [L]

while this allows all chars exept a literal priod and a slash.
socket9001Author Commented:
hey.. this pass $1 as blank.......
what does the [L] mean ?
socket9001Author Commented:
about $1.. my mistake...
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Last; "Stop the rewriting process here and don't apply any more rewriting rules. "

> this pass $1 as blank.......

There's obviously something other wrong... the rule matches a request like /some_hebrew_chars but does not create a backreference? Did you check the rewrite log?

(The rewrite log must be enabled in httpd.conf,
RewriteLog logs/rewrite.log
RewriteLoglevel 5

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socket9001Author Commented:
works great... ill accept the answer in a sec
if yoy could explain why you used the second / in your regex... ? ([^./]) ... what's the / for ?
[^/] excludes the Slash. Your RegEx ^/?([a-z]+)$ has the intention to match only chars within a-z. This means that it would not to match /abc/def (sub dirs). So I kept this intention of the original RegEx, if it was an intention at all :-)
The period is excluded as well, so /abc.gif wouldn't match the rule, too.

So ^/?([^./]+)$  would read like

^ start of a sting
/? with 1 or 0 times of a slash, followed by
([^./]+) 1 or n chars not including periods and slashs and keep the matching result in $1 ([^] is a negated character class, so the ^ caret has a different meaning inside of [   ]  )
$  end of string.
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