Fun with VB6 Collections: How to find an index


  For Each oReq In oCol
        If oReq.FindSingleDetailByDbField("Freeze_Date") Is Nothing Then
            oUnFCol.Add oReq

            At this point can is there a way to tell the index of oReq in the collection oCol
            So that i can perform :


            Or alternatly is there another good way to identify the item an removing it at this point?

        End If
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Hi ExtremeFitness,

You could have a function given the oReq, find the index in oCol.
Or you could change add a little counter in there.
// Before your For Each Loop
Dim counter as Integer;
counter = -1;
// First Line In Your For Each Loop

Joe P

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ExtremeFitnessAuthor Commented:
Im not sure that in a for each loop the order is  gauranteed to be in the same order of indexing though.....
ExtremeFitnessAuthor Commented:
I guess along those lines I could do:

    For I = 1 To oCol.count
        Set oReq = oCol.Item(I)
        ' Is this item an unfreeze (No Freeze date detail)?
        If oReq.FindSingleDetailByDbField("Freeze_Date") Is Nothing Then
            oUnFCol.Add oReq
            oCol.Remove I
        End If
Will simply oCol.Remove oReq work?

I think it does!

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