Will installing SP2 wipe my hard drive?

If I install XP SP2 over my current XP SP1, will it delete any of my files? Music/Photos/Programs etc?

Or will it keep all of them?

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no, everything will be the same

just use windows update to do it

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OlliedvAuthor Commented:

But why use Windows Update? I have the CD, and have also downloaded it from a website. Is there any difference?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
None at all.  Just install it.  CD, website, doesn't really matter.
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OlliedvAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks.

Just to make sure, do you recommend it over SP1?
Put CD in and choose upgrade. Windows will detect new version of windows OS and do installation. Some program might be need to reinstall again.
I think it is better than SP1, and, eventually you will have to install it to continue to recieve updates.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You should understand a Service Pack is NOT a program.  It is an all-inclusive set of patches (fixes) to poor programming by Microsoft and a few enhancements to better protect you.  So Service Pack 2 INCLUDES every fix and change that was in Service Pack 1.  Service Pack 2 CAN slow your system down because it's enhancements alter the way Windows works.  But, the slowdown should not be too severe and frankly, you SHOULD apply Service Pack 2 because without it, you are potentially leaving yourself at greater risk for Viruses, Spyware, Adware, etc.  

One further note - the joking definition of a service Pack is "Fix old bugs, add new ones" because invariable SOME fix for something will cause a problem with something else.  For this reason, I DO wait a few weeks or even months after a service pack is released to apply it.  So, if Service Pack 3 is released next month (PURE speculation, I have no idea WHEN or if it will be released) then wait until summer at least to install it, but definitely install it by the September.
yeah, you dont have to use windows update, the cd is better
do not get SP2 if you have an older computers. i tried it, and it messed up everything on my computer.

the network stopped working....so internet also stoped working. it was a mess.

but for newer machines...go for it...its probably good...:)

here's the official microsoft page that tells you what you need to know before isntalling sp2:

and no sp2 will not delete any of your files
OlliedvAuthor Commented:
I accepted an answer but forgot how to split points. Can anyone point me in the right direction? =)
OlliedvAuthor Commented:
Thanks =D
Answer: It will "never" wipe your data from your system. ServicePack simply does not perform any disk activity; it's just updating internal windows files and adding some enhancements.
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