Paste the same formula into multiple cells

I would like to paste a formula into multiple cells
Now I have to paste into cell one
then paste the same formula into cell two
then paste the same formula into cell three ... to 300 ... I dont want to do this manually ... can I create a macro of some sort or a function in excel to specify a range of cells (ie A1 - A300) and then automatically have the formula added to each of the cells for me
Thanks for the help
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Hello brontes1,

you can select multiple cells and paste the formula

hope this helps a bit
- in your case copy your formula
- select all the cells you need the formula in
- then choose paste
brontes1Author Commented:
this does not work ... I tried it...
1. I copied the formula
2. I highlighted a range of cells A40 thru A45
3. I went under edit and choose paste  This pastes the formula into cell A40 only Not to the other cells
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Try paste special.....
what if you paste it in the first cell
then hightlight the cell
in the lowerright corner a small marker appears
you can drag this marker along the column down as much as needed

You can duplicate the formula in the other cells by 'dragging' the formula into the other cells once you've ensured that the formula isn't going to automatically update itself. In order to do this, precede the items in the formula with a dollar sign; ie.

Normally, if you drag a formula (such as '=a5*b19') down a column, Excel will be 'clever' and alter it so that in the next column it's actually '=a6*b20', then '=a7*b21' etc. etc.

To stop this you'd write your original formula as '=a$5*b$19' instead - now when you drag the formula down, it will NOT change the column references.

hope that helps,

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1 - make sure your formula using the fixed value or changed value  ( example :   A2*B2   after you drag it down  it become A3*B3     ------ $A$2*B2  after dragging it down become    $A$2*B3 , you can put  $ to fixed the Column or Row )
(to change the A2 to $A$2 or $A2 or A$2 you can just press F4 to change it on the shape you want )

2 - try to type the formula in this way :  first sellect those cells you want to put formula on it and then type formula and press CTRL+Enter , all the cells change same.

Good Luck

Mohammad Pourebtehaj

once you've made sure the formula is going to change (or not change) to your liking, you can paste the function into the first cell, highlight the remaining cells (including the first cell) then press either CTRL-D if you want to fill vertically or CTRL-R if you want to fill horizontally
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