Macintosh OSX Client inconsistently mounting NFS export from EMC Celerra NS702G

We are exporting a directory from our EMC Celerra NS702G, that needs to be NFS mounted on 2 Macintosh clients, and CIFS mounted on 2 Windows clients.  The CIFS side works fine.  The Mac clients found and used the NFS mounts fine the first time, but every time the Mac clients are rebooted (they get shut down at the end of each workday), the NFS directory has to be re-exported on the EMC side to be seen by the clients.  I am completely unfamiliar with the Mac side of things (haven't work with Macs for years until now)... I am assuming there is something that needs to be done on the client side to make the NFS mounts persistent?

Any help would be appreciated.
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This should pretty much do what need:

The author is correct about this statement:
 "A Google search for "OS X" automount nfs yields some good results that pretty much all say the same stuff:
Using automount on OS X 10.3 means adding a bunch of crap to the NetInfo database using the NetInfo Manager tool."

which is pretty much what i've always done.

i hope this help.


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Mac OS X really doesn't like to be shut down each day.  It run system maintenance scripts in the middle of the night.  If you shut the machines down every day, the regular system maintenance does not get run.

Alternatively, you can change the time that the maintenance scripts run.  This is what I did, rescheduling maintenance to occur at lunch time.
With pre-10.4 machines, change the entries in /etc/crontab for periodic daily/weekly/monthly.
For 10.4 machines, the scheduling was moved to

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