Slow PC will A graphics card help??


I Have a slow PC (it's always been slow)

I have onboard graphics

Will a dedicated grapics card help speed it up and if so by how much? Any suggestions for a reasonable grapics card if thats what I need?

I have a 800mhz VIA C3 CPU.

It was a cheap computer so it doesn't stand me in much money?

Thanks In advance
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The only way a new video card will help you in any way is if you're having problems playing games, or you're using the computer for video editing.

And unless your computer has a jumper on the motherboard or a BIOS setting to disable the on-board graphics, I wouldn't suggest putting a new video card in without replacing the motherboard.  Don't believe them when they say that the on-board video will automatically disable itself.

Is it an Mini-ITX motherboard ? I have one myself, as you say they are kind a slow. This i think depends on the
fact that it's only 64KB cpu cache.

How much memory do you have ? For XP you should at least have 512MB.

If you buy an graphics card don't buy an expensive one, something like Geforce 6200 i suggest.

Check what graphic port you have on your motherboard (AGP,PCI).

Best, Rickard
heleeAuthor Commented:
yeah I have 512 meg of ram

so a new computer is on order then??
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Probabbly either that or a new motherboard.
You can try to upgrade graphic card, perhaps you can buy a used one or borrow from a friend.

But dont expect to much from that cpu.

A graphics card will not give you a sizeable boost in performance. It would probably pay to put the money into a new mb or system, even with onboard graphics, with a higher cpu and faster ram. Consider a barebones system:
that you can expand in the future. A reasonable motherboard/cpu/ram (without case/psu) are options as well, if your psu is powerful enough for a newer system. has great prices.
if you want to order on a low budget... you can order a new computer for $169! 
>>I have a 800mhz VIA C3 CPU.

Don't bother spending any money upgrading this dinosaur!  The Via C3 was slow when it was new compared with the Intel CPUs of that era.

Save your money and put it all toward a new system with an AMD Athlon 64 or a Pentium 4 CPU.

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heleeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info guys
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