restored DC using ghost, now replication not working


I have 2 windows 2003 servers, both are domain controllers, our main DC (server1) with all the master roles is a file and print server, our secondary DC (server2) is an exchange 2003 server.

We ghosted server1 as we were doing some changes to it, we ended up having to ghost it back to the original image. Now our 2 DC's will not sync and have stopped communicating as server2 has a higher replication number, now the exchange services will not start. I had a veritas backup of the system state of server1 so i tried doing an authorative restore hoping that would then force server2 to accept it but server2 will not sync.

Is there any way i can get this working again, i would just dc promo the exchange server down and manually remove it from AD so its just a member server but i am worried exchange will not work after.



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Do NOT dcpromo down your DC2; you can't dcpromo an Exchange server, you'd have to uninstall Exchange first.
Overview of operating system and Active Directory requirements for Exchange Server 2003

Check here on what happened and your options on how to recover from it:
How to detect and recover from a USN rollback in Windows Server 2003
Most likely server1 is seeing as the master of the domain.  On the Exchange, you can take control over the DC making the exchange/DC master of the domain.  Since it has the higher "serial" number, serer 1 will sync to it at which point you can repeat the task and once again make server1 primary.  use bginfo from sysinternals to display the status information of each server.  I.e. in users and groups, right click on the domain and there should be an option to delegate control.  You need to access this from the server that will be taken control over the domain, the exchange server.  This must occur after server1 is up and will be able to receive the notice that it is no longer the master of the domain.

I myself have not done this type of a transition, I have using the resource kit tools for win2k, ndsutil, shifted authority when the DC master died.  Once authority was shifted the old master was completely rebuilt OS and added back.  My recallection is that the forcible promotion of the "secondary" DC to master/"primary" would require that the prior master be setup from scratch and could not be readded due to the conflic it would create.

The MS KB article from the prior poster provides a mechanism through which you can get server1 synchronized to the data you have on the Exchange Server.

Hello higgsy,

does server2 also have backup sytem same as server1?
last time i've same problems also.. when i restore the system using ghost to computer server. the other server will stop sync.
so if you restore 2 server (backup at same time) it will work again.

hope this help


here is the quick and dirty fix
seize all roles to the DC2 exchange server.
dcpromo /forceremoval of the DC1
do metadata cleanup per
get exchange working on this solo DC--check DNS too
dcpromo DC1 back in as a DC--if you need to
then never use a ghost image for a DC ever
use ghost for the basic server image then use dcpromo to make it a dc
create a doc called lessons learned, put this information in it.

Good Luck

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