InvalidOperationException on OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter.Update(Table)

Hey, I am getting the followng exception when I perform the subejct operation on a DataTable that represents a valid table in an access database.

"Missing the DataColumn 'Name' for the SourceColumn 'Name'."

I jumped through all sorts of hoops and had this working perfectly, but I run things in a certain combination and I get this error.  It has something to do with the combination of ways I am accessing the table -- when I take out a few previous reads and/or writes to the table, I don't get this error.  

But I'm sort of stabbing inthe dark, I don't know the meaning of or how to troubleshoot the error.  Any ideas out there?

thanks in advance!
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Does this sound familiar?

Without knowing more about what is involved when you "run things in a certain combination" I can't offer specific suggestions.  But that link considers the issue and, if it's not enough for you to debug it yourself, come back with a few more details.


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riceman0Author Commented:

You rock.  I scored that so high because it was absolutely killing me.  It was the exact same problem, I was using the same adapter for all tables, when I broked it up into a dedicated adapter for each table, it worked.  Thanks!
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