SSL Error 70, Expired Security Certificate

We have a user who was trying to access Citrix at an off-site location, that was receiving the following error:
 "SSL Error 70, Expired Security Certificate, No existing apps available for reconnecting."  They have been able to connect on this PC before.  I have re-installed the latest Citrix client, and cleaned out the temporary internet files, with no luck.   The user would go to our external apps page, enter their username/password and passcode, click on the .Desktop folder, and then receive the message.  Any ideas?   Thank you.
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This isn't your exact error message, but SSL 70 usually means the certificate has expired.  Check the expiration dates on the cert, and also check the system time on the client machine (it may just be off)

Error message:
"The connection was rejected. The SSL certificate is no longer valid. Please contact your Citrix Administrator (SSL error 70)."

The server certificate installed on your MetaFrame server is not yet valid or has expired. SSL server certificates typically have a fixed set of valid dates, and both the client devices system clock and the server’s system clock must be set to a time that falls within that range for an SSL connection to succeed. (A common problem encountered when using Microsoft Certificate Services to generate digital certificates in-house is that the period of validity may not begin until the day after the certificate is generated.) To determine the validity date of your server certificate, double-click the certificate file and inspect the Valid from and Valid to fields.

Here's another discussion thread about that problem:𩸰
It mentions a Windows Update for the root cert so check that as well.

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I dont know if you checked this yet but checkout the date and time on the computer having this problem. I have had a few users with the incorrect date and year on their computers which caused a connection problem like this.
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