updating data in mysql

I've noticed in my project when I move records from one table to another escpecially a large amount of data I lose some data in the fields and they are not blank.When I move a smaller portion of data everything gets moved over good.I'm updating like this

with rs1.addnew
!column1 = rs2.Column2
!column2 = rs2.column2

is there something that I am missing?
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Are you sure the primary keys are matching between the tables when you are doing the update??
thenoneAuthor Commented:
So if I do not have primary keys setup this would cause missing data to being updated in the columns?
Actually, forget what I said.  Your adding records, not updating them.  Sorry, my mistake.
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thenoneAuthor Commented:
So what could it be?

This only happens when Im moving large amount of data?
thenoneAuthor Commented:
My tables are isam tables and not innodb I wonder if this is the case?
You could always try using an insert statement directly against your connection that rs1 is using.


conn1.execute "insert into table1 (column1,column2) values (" & rs2!column1 & "," & rs2!column2 & ")"
thenoneAuthor Commented:
actually the values being inserted are strings.I just find it weird that it only happens when I'm inserting alot of data.

Execute this on your connection object and you can import ALL your rows at once.
iterating and updating causes a lot of performance degradation.
That is not what you want.

INSERT INTO myNewTable (field1,field2)
SELECT OT.field1, OT.field2 FROM myOldTable OT
If u use Large sized Strings Other than Varchar(255) like TinyText or MediumText data types lost its data while u referencing their corresponding field cordinates like !Filed1
So, First move that data to a string type variable first and then use it for ex.
strTemp = !Field1
so, the data first moved to temporary local variable and then it will be referenced as many times as u wish.

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