converting char to 16-bit hexadecimal and decimal


I need a function which will take a string(can be a phrase) and convert each character of it into 16-bit hexa-decimal and decimal.

For example, each character's hexa-decimal and decimal values :
Char                       decimal                          16-bit  hexa-decimal
t            t                      t
e                             e                                 e
s                             s                                 s
t                             t                                 t
i                            i                               i
n                           n                      n
g                           g                                g

when the string 'testing'  is passed to the function the output should be as follows:
decimal:  testing
hexa-decimal: testing

The string can be a phrase with spaces/underscores/special characters in between like 'testing purpose only'/testing for ____ days'.......

Any help regarding the same would be grateful....

Thanks a lot!!!
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The underlying value is the same in each case. The only thing that is changing is the way it is being represented in the output. That is, if a variable contains decimal 116, it can variously be output as 't', 116 or 0x74.

So a conversion routine would look something like this:

String convert(String src,int radix)
{   StringBuffer sb=new StringBuffer(src.length*6);
    for(int i=0; i<src.length; ++i)
    {   sb.append("&#");

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Mayank SPrincipal TechnologistCommented:
The decimal value for a character can directly be obtained using ( int ) c, where 'c' is a character.
Did any of that help?

If so, it is now time to select an answer(s) and grade it.

If not, perhaps a clarifying question would help.
dreams4everAuthor Commented:
Hi imladris

It did work......was able to check it out only today.....

Thanks a lot!!

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