Upgrade server 2003 Standard edition server

i have just purchased a brand new server to replace an old one which was getting flat-lined during busy parts of the day. the problem is that the new server is completly differant from the old one:

2.4Ghz p4
3 x 200GB IDE hard drives

3Ghz x64 bit Pentium D 930 chip
3 x 400GB SATA hard drives

i want to backup my old server (which is the only Domain controller for the domain with all of the domains network shares on it) inculding active directory and DNS. i have been looking and can only find answers on backing up and restoring to a similar server, which my new one is not. i need to have this done by the end of the week at the lastest. any help ASAP would be Very very helpful.
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That link may be a better approach. Essentially, you'll be using both domain controllers at once, while the old one remains the file share. Then, once you have the new one configured as the primary domain controller, decommision the old one as a DC, but it will still be a file share. Then you can start to move your shares over once you feel good about the domain.

Also, this way you can still keep the old one as a domain controller if you want some redundancy. This way just gives you more options, more room for error(which is always nice).
does your new server come with windows? if yes then your best option is as follows

1) promote your new server as an additional DC in an already exisiting domain
2) transfer your FSMO roles to the new server
3) http://www.petri.co.il/transferring_fsmo_roles.htm
4) make your DNS zones AD integrated so that the DNS replicates with AD to your new server
5) make the new DC a global Catalog
6) allow for replication to occue
7) recreate your old shares and network drives
8) demote the old server

this is the best and simplest way to changing servers over
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