Checkpoint Securemote/clien issue

Similar to a problem another user was having. User has XP Media Center Edition on computer. I installed Checkpoint on their P.C a while back and was working fine. Something has been isntalled on the P.C or something has happened to cause Securemote to launch but not be displayed in the task bar or system tray.

I have used cpclean to get rid of the original installation, and re installed SecureRemote.

Like I said, the services are running in the background, as does SR_GUI, but I get no GUI at all so I cannot configure it. I looked at SR_diagnostics and it tells me that the SR service is not running. I looked at the processes and saw that it was in fact running.

When I looked at the Diagnostics, it tells me that Secure client is not active and Service process is not active.

Anyone got any ideas????
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There are several processes with checkpoint that must be up for it to work.

first, go to services (in administrative tools) and make sure that checkpoint securemote watchdog and checkpoint securemote service are started. If they are you should get the key icon in the tray

Second, securemote won't do a damn thing unless you bind it to the right adapter. Go into the interface and make sure Check Point Securemote is checked in the bindings

third, make sure you have a valid file downloaded from the firewall. Note, you can download topology if the interface is not bound, checkpoint just won't do anything

fourth, software firewalls frequently block or interfere with checkpoint. Try turning off all software firewalls. In some cases you will have to uninstall them completely. Usually, installing the software firewall and then securemote after works, but sometimes they just can't co-exist.

Hope this helps


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slugeramaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Zyclonix.

For the record, I had actually checked this and noticed that securemote service had not fully started up. i disabled it then enabled it and tried to start it up manually. It timed out. I then went to the Event viewer and noticed I could not see any events had been logged. Checked the services again and noticed that the event log service had been disabled. Started this up, rebooted and low and behold, securemote service started working fine.

I am about to test this on my P.C now and will let you know if the same thing occurs.

i'm definitely curious to see what happens. Glad to help!
slugeramaAuthor Commented:
Point proven.

Disabling the Event Log service stopped the Securemote service from launching. It also stopped Norton Ghost from launching properly as well.
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