folder replication between 2 servers.

I have windows 2003 server standard edition in 2 of my sites Site A and B that are connected via a 2mbit E1 line...

I wish to set up folder replication between these 2 servers.. i.e. folder c:\testfolder on both Server A and B should replicate every 5 minutes to make sure the contents are the same..

is this possible from within windows or would I need a 3rd party program?
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Sorry eggster34,

I just realised I posted the 2000 setup guide instead of 2003, apologies!

2003 Technet guide:

You could do this with DFS replication:
Hi eggster34,

Or if you dont want to use DFS (I recommend you do though), you can setup a scheduled Robocopy featured in the MS resource kit:

Its a bit fiddly to setup but its the most reliable way other than DFS.
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eggster34Author Commented:
DFS does not work for some reason.. the guide you posted is for windows 2000 and I have 2003.

you can try the following link (Windows 2000 DFS setup guide)

Hope it helps you out,
Before DFS Replication can be deployed, you must configure all involved servers and storage as follows:

•The Active Directory schema must be updated to include the new DFS Replication objects. This schema can be applied to domain controllers running Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2003 R2.

•The servers that will participate in DFS Replication must run Windows Server 2003. After you install Windows Server 2003, you must install the DFS Replication Service on each server that will take part in replication, and you must install the DFS Management snap-in to manage replication.

•Antivirus software must be compatible with DFS Replication; contact your antivirus software vendor to check for compatibility.

•Servers in a replication group must be in the same forest. You cannot enable replication across servers in different forests.

•Replicated folders must be stored on NTFS volumes.

•On server clusters, replicated folders should be located in the local storage of a node because the Distributed File System Replication service is not cluster aware and the service will not fail over to another node.
In answering your question, Eggster, DFS works the same way in Win2003 as in Win2000, but take note of what Hamlintech is saying.  Also, what type of connection do you have between the 2 sites?  Have you setup a Vlan or a VPN?  That Would definitely be requirerd for replication between the 2 sites to work, since it won't work directly over the internet.
nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
thank you for my first points :)

only 9,200 more to go before I am a full-fledged expert...
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