Monitor color has gone dull

I wonder if anybody could help me. today I opened my destop pc to install second hard drive and since then i have got problem with my monitor. The color on the  lower left hand corner (where we find windows xp start button) of the screen has gone distorted/dull. What could be the problem
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The most probable reason that your monitor is distorted/dull in the lower left corner, is a magnetic source of some kind. This can occur when you have pc-speakers close to your crt-monitor. I doubt a harddrive can cause such a problem though it's based on magnetic discs. You  could try to degause(power off) your monitor and move it from it's current location or remove anything that could magnetize your monitor. If your monitor has been exposed to a highly magnetic source, the damage could be permanent.

Grzegorz Nowak
It's also possible that the degaussing system on your display has failed, since that is not an uncommon occurrence.  It's quick/easy to degauss anyway with a portable degaussing coil.  Any TV and/or computer display repair depot will have one and should be able to degauss the display for you.

If not, you can buy one yourself, they are inexpensive and available from many sources.  See:
wait until you fix dual boot first.  If the paths to the OSs are crossed wrong on the two drives, it will be loading the WRONG driver for the monitor and it wont work.  Don't run monitor too long with bad driver.  Work on fixing the dual boot first (other Q) and then you should have right drivers for the right OS.
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Hmmm I would be very surprised, if it was a bad drivers fault....??? This monitor is only dull in the lower left corner.. I actually experience this on my old IBM laptop, but that's not crt.. i guess we are talking about a crt monitor?? If it was the drivers fault, we probbly would experience dullness or distortion across the whole screen. This is just my opinion.
You should look at this site and decide if this applies to you.
I would do this:

Put the problem monitor on another system and a known "good" monitor on your system.
This will tell you if it's the monitor of the computer causing the problem.

Likely its the monitor itself.
Also note: some monitors have a built-in degaussing circuit which is either through a front panel button on the monitor, or through the monitors on-board MENU screen.
If you are getting dull color in left hand side corner this is because of some magnetic thing that might be kept next to your monitor for some time. If you want to remove this then take a small piece of magnetic and by keeping it away from the monitor ( some distance away) point the magnetic to the place where the display is dull and move the magnetic slowly towards downward you can see the change in the display where the display was dull.

This is step which i have tried out couple of times on my  Desktop PC.

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