Limewire will not start up after hard drive failure and windows re-install / repair

Hi guys I hope you can help.

In short, a clients PC's Hard Drive died, I was able to norton ghost the bad drive to a new drive, then do a repair / reinstall of windows XP pro.

As usual programs like AVG were corrupt, so was MSN and yahoo messenger.

However, limewire was damaged, I have tried removing it and reinstalling, I have tried installing different version to no joy.

I have been in regedit, but not been able to find registry keys that belong to the program or that may help me.

When i double click the limewire icon it starts loading, but then it disappears, sometimes I says there is an error with three options 1) Report 2) ignore 3) Review (or something like that) but the error displays so quickly and disappears that I dont get chance to read it.

I did click on the option to review once and nothing happens, the limewire window just closes.

Can anyone help me with this please


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I would also uninstall all Java RE (runtime environment) then reinstall the latest JRE.
After that, do a fresh install of Limewire.

I used to use Limewire but use Frostwire these days - very similar products.
Hi Limewire is a pain to uninstall fully, first uninstall from uninstall programs.

Download spybot S&D from 

run the check for problems, in the mode menu switch to expert, on the expert list click tools, then click uninstall info, remove all limewire and limeshop entries,

reinstall limewire,

hope that helps
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
thanks i will try that later today

auraorangeAuthor Commented:

I uninstalled limewire and run spybot, but this had no entires relating to limewire.

So I tried removing JRE  

then re-installing limewire.... i didnt expect this to work, but it did!

So thank you for the help

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