POTS and VOIP calls from one analog phone?

Experts - I'm looking for a piece of hardware that will allow me to place calls from a normal consumer analog phone over both the regular old copper phone network as well as a VOIP network.   Yes, I'd like to use my existing home telephone on both services.   For example:  In my home, I have a POTS line and a private VOIP Asterisk server that all my friends are using - I want to:

1. Plug in the POTS line from my local telco (Verizon)
2. Then snap in the Ethernet cable from my home LAN
3. Do some web-based configuration on the device so it knows what the network address, username/password is of the VOIP server.
4. Then plug in our existing normal home telephone.

When placing calls, there should be a little switch on the top of the device that says something like, "PSTN or VOIP."  When we call our "geek friends" we flip it over to "VOIP" and dial "*45689."  When we call our "non-geek friends", we flip the switch over to "PSTN" and dial "(818) 555-1212."   The switch is optional but the functionality should be there.  Not required but a bonus would be that if the power went off, the PSTN side of the device would still be able to place normal PSTN 911 calls.  Once setup, the soulution should be simple enough to use that a non-geek (like my wife) should be able to use it.  The person that will be awarded the points will post a link to the lowest-cost piece(s) of hardware that performs these services in the steps shown above.  Does such a piece of hardware exist?

Geoff MillikanAsked:
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Geoff MillikanAuthor Commented:
FYI - I'll be spliting points if there's more than one good device listed in about the same price range.  Thanks in advance!

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You are overcomplicating this... massively

Look at intertek's IX 67.. voip supply carries it...

All you need is local call routing or 911 failover

But , yes any FXO will work and linksys are the best priced
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How about a US$10 A-B switch (manual) from any parts store or Radio Shack?

Plug the VoIP RJ11 into one port, the PSTN RJ11 into the other, run the cable to the phone and poof.  Oh yeah, label the switch with a pen.

Geoff MillikanAuthor Commented:
`shepimport`, I couldn't find any product on the http://www.voipsupply.com/ website matching "intertek" or "IX 67" nor could I find anything on these terms in Google.   I suprized to hear you say I'm overcomplicating this but my wife tells me that a lot too.  :-)   Could you post a link to the product you described?

`bstrauss3`, I searched the http://www.radioshack.com/ site for about 30 min and they do not have a switch that toggles between RJ45 and RJ12/11.  Could you post a link?

`sallwine`, thank you for the link and confirming this product does what I thought it did.  This is helpful!  At $64.95 I was hoping maybe someone knew of something cheaper?  Do you know of any other devices?

I'm suprized that nobody has suggested the "Grandstream HandyTone 386."  At the link below is $64.95 and doesn't it provide all these functions too?   Please advise.  http://www.voipsupply.com/product_info.php?products_id=518

Thank you Experts!  Based on the the limited responses, I'm upping the points.

Geoff MillikanAuthor Commented:
What about the "Zoom 5801 Analog VOIP Adapter 1FXS / 1FXO?"   $64.95  
Geoff MillikanAuthor Commented:
I found the link to the Intertex SurfinBird IX67.  Starting at $229 it's way overkill serving as both FXO/FXS as well as a VPN enpoint and some level of firewall service.  Thank you though.
Radio Shack may not sell them anymore - the ones I have are 15y old and don't have the part # embossed in them.

But RJ11 switchboxes are a very common item - cheap plastic all the way up to gold plated contacts w/ industrial grade rotary switches, e.g. http://www.altex.com/product_info.php?products_id=1431

All you need is a Linksys/Sipura SPA3000. It can connect to both VOIP providers and regular phone lines.
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