Citrix Licensing server problem

I am trying to setup 2 new Citrix servers for our farm. The problem is that our citrix Licesning server gave up the ghost over the weekend. Users are still able to log on without any dramas, but I want to be certain that this will continue to be the case in the distant future as well.

I was under the impression that when installing Citrix, the software was registered to a specific server. If this server went kaput then users would not be able to log on.

Do I have to relicense the software with a new server name? Am I going to be able to add new servers to the existing farm even though the license server is dead?

I am very desperate for this info, so I am seeing if I can assign more than 500 points to anyone who can provide me with the answers.

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One other thought. Can I rebuild a new server and give it the name of our dead licensing server, or does the software look for more than the name of the server?
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The license file used by the licensing server is tied to the name of the server, so you have two options:

1. Build a new server with the same name as the old server, install the Citrix Licensing service and load the current license file.

2. Install the Citrix Licensing service on another server, get a new license file from , load that onto the server, then point the Citrix Presentation Servers to the new Licensing Server (using the Citrix Management Console).
BTW, your users will be able to connect for 30 days from the date the license server became unavailable before you'll be locked out.

Also keep in mind that if you rebuild a server to use the same license file, the name is CASE SENSITIVE.

Good luck,
slugeramaAuthor Commented:
Once I have built the server with the original license server name, will i be able to test if it will work? I do not want to be left with the impression that it is working and then find out 20 odd days later no one can log in because it did not work.

Thanks for the help so far. I have decided to proceed with building a new server with the original name
Once you've got the new Licensing Server set up, have a look in the eventlog on the Citrix Presentation Server - there'll be an entry saying that the server has connected to the Licensing Server.
And you can log onto the license management console, on the license server, and see the current license usage.
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