ISO Compression?

I have an ISO backup of a CD, and it burns fine to a 700MB CD-R. However, upon extraction, I get some 1.13 GB (yes both size and size on disk...).

How'd they do that?

Symbolic links? I suspect many of the files are repeated in different directories on the disk.
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Found a Link to GUI Version (Beta)

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Its a bit complicated, It's a bit like having multiple links to the same file, Meaning when copying to hard drive it might copy the same file in to different locations in your hard drive !!
(e.g. If you were installing windows from a WIN XP CD it will copy a single file into different locations in to the installation path of your hard drive when necessary)
                             Hope that helps !!
travisjbennettAuthor Commented:
So now that I have extracted it, and edited it, what app can I use to find files that are the same, so symbolic links or whatever so the install apps will work OK, and burn it to fit on one CD?
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There is a way to it but I think its for Microsoft stafff only.. Its a command line tool called cdimage and I think there is a GUI version. Basically it doesnt compress instead it stores flies that look the same as a single file.
 Ill see if I can find a link for it... Why do you wona go through all that trouble anyway... I mean you can just use the CD ?
Yes, you are probably copying symbolic links.
Now try to save your CD as an .iso image and mount it as a virtual drive in RW mode, then update nessesary files and burn it again.

On Windows you may do it with UltraISO utility,
On Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris there is a combination of loopback device and mount of iso image.

Please clarify what is on CD and what is your OS.
travisjbennettAuthor Commented:
I actually already tried CDImage GUI Beta 3, and still had it. I just missed the switches and options for the stuff. Tried it and it works. THANK YOU!
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