Rules Wizard, how to apply rule to a specific account only.

Hi, I am setting us some rules in outlook, simply putting incomming mesaages into specific folders, I have 4 seperate email accounts set up in outlook, and would like the rule to only apply to 1 account. When I use the rules wizard there is option at the end of the process to "apply this rulew to all accounts" however it is greyed out so I cannot select it, when I selcet change a rule in the wizard there is an option "apply changes to this folder" the drop down box lists all accounts however it is not possible to edit the box. It appears as it is possible to do what I want, however the options are somehow locked. Any ideas on this one.

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Hi Travelwild,

Do you have more than one account set up in outlook ? If so try this :

New Rule
Start from a blank rule
select Check messages when they arrive
enable throught the specified account
click in step 2 -> "specified" and select the account
click next and continue the rule ....

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