Output file name on XP can not have a colon character

My Perl script on NT happily creates a file (over Samba on a Unix file server) with a name like "sql.031906.22:34.1" . However, refuses to do it on Active Perl XP when ':' is in the name. why?

thanks, jerzyb

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Kim RyanIT ConsultantCommented:
Microsoft filesystems, such as NTFS, do not support the use of certain characters in filenames. Characters such as colon (:), asterisk (*), question mark (?) and vertical bar (|) are not allowed. The colon character is reserved for a drive specifier, such as C:\file.txt
Kim RyanIT ConsultantCommented:
Perhaps NT is more tolerant of the colon but XP is stricter. Are you using the latest version of Samba?
jerzybAuthor Commented:
pretty old, 2.0.4
will try something newer
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Can you create at filename with ':' in the name using anything other than perl?
jerzybAuthor Commented:
its not samba: I built a new Perl script on XP and traced the SMB protocol: when I run it with a file name with a colon (:), it does not even go to Samba; as soon as I change colon into a period (.), it works. Also, I can not create file names with a colon outside Perl for both NT and XP. So, both NT and XP are equally dum, but somehow NT Perl took care of that.

I guess Active Perl for XP is the problem.

Is there a way to bypass, escape it or something? I want colons in my file names :-)

Kim RyanIT ConsultantCommented:
It's not iseal but as a work around you could use perl to name the files something like sql.031906.22_colon_34.1"
Then run a small script on Unix file server to repalce _colon_ with :

Have you tried asking this question on a samba newgroup or mailing list?

Or could you run your main script directly on the unix server?

Not sure why you need colons, it just seems to be a seperator between hours and minutes. Your app is more poratable if you can avoid these characters in file names.

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jerzybAuthor Commented:
Come on, teraplane. I think I proved that its NOT samba: the XP is not even trying to go out on the wire. As for running on the server, I would gladly run it on Unix if I could but the whole company is going Microsoft (still remember everyone blindly following IBM as recently as 20 years ago). ActivePerl people might know but their official line is not to use colon.

Have no choice, bite the bullet and modify all programs that read those files.

Thanks anyway.
it's not perl but the used native M$ dll for I/O.
Try to find a perl.exe linked against another dll, AFAIK plain old perl-4 executable from DOS does not rely on this restriction.
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