What's with: You must be a member of the local administrators security group on this computer to install and configure applications

I set up PCs and users and now when a user logs into the PC (the PC and user were not assigned to each other, if that matters - see the related question on that) we get that message above - 'you must be a member of the local administrators security group on this computer to install and configure applications.  Contact your network administrator'

We had already run the http://server/connectcomputer with a domain admin account.

the sbs logon script has this in it:  \\SERVER\Clients\Setup\setup.exe /s SERVER

Is that message we are getting simply informational?  Is there a way to suppress it from showing at all?  it'll only innerve the users and have them call asking what that means / do they have to do anything about it.
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First thing that springs to mind here is a permissions issue.

Try temporarily increasing the permissions level on a particular user from a users to a power user for example.  Then try logging on again with the same user on the same PC and see if it resolves it.

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LookingForITHelpAuthor Commented:
not sure what happened - it's not showing up anymore?
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