Matshita UJ-812 DVD Drive Stops Working in Sony S Series Vaio


Has anyone recently experienced the DVD Drive in a Vaio S Series laptop (in my case the VGN-S1XP) to stop working?  The drive shows up in device manager as working without any conflicts.  I have seen a couple of other posts relating to the same issue appear on other forums over the last few days, which leads me to believe this might not be a hardware fault in this case.

It is using a Microsoft signed driver (2001) and no updates are available either through Matshita channels, Sony, or Windows Update.

I have applied the K103 firmware update supplied by Sony, but this was some months before the problem began.  This was to fix a dual-layer problem.

Any ideas?
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Optical drives often break. But to make sure if this is a hardware problem or not, get a bootable CD and try booting the PC with it. If the system itself can boot from a CD (check inside the BIOS) but can't boot yours, the drive is most likely broken. If you can boot, then it is an OS problem. If that is the case delete the following registry keys:


Right click in the upper and lower filter entries in these keys and press delete. Reboot and check if it is OK now.

If you don't have a bootable CD, I suggest you get the following one, as it can be used to find many problems with PC's, having many usefull tools on it:

Showing up in the device manager only tells you that -some- of the chips on the pc board inside the drive are working.
Specifically those responsible to transfer data to and/or from the system to the drive.

It does not tell you that the mechanical or electrical components required to read CD's or DVD's are working.

Personally I'm not real fond of Matshita optical drives for desktops or laptops.
They seem to fail more often than other brands.

So, I'm biased by my own experience but I'm thinkin' your drive simply went bad.


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