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Hello folks

How can I setup a VOIP solution for lets say two sites across the internet?

How kind of hardware do I require?

I know there are plenty of VOIP providers these days, (e.g. vonage).

What if I only want to talk between these 2 sites?  Do I still need a VOIP provider? - Not that it is an option as there might not be any provider in that country, but they do have internet access.

Yes we can talk over msn voice chat, but if that can be done, I'm sure there is a hardware solution as well, which doesn't require you to have a computer...

Please give me your insight and suggestion and resources.

Thank You

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1) You don't need a VOIP provider.
2) Hardware solution will have result to some difficulties:
- you need extra internet IP addresses on each site
OR you have to have some advanced knowledge of network configuration and firewall
OR you may use only IP telephones without any Internet on each site

if you are ready for this, you may buy any two IP phones with H.323 support and ability to call to gateway without gatekeeper
for dedicated devices (without having internet) you may look here: http://star-stream.com/star-stream_008.htm
they are also offering free support
also if any of two sites have dynamic IP,
calls to that site will be problematic (since you will call by IP address, not by phone number where IP address is a gateway IP address which need to be configured inside voip phone).

You also may organize your own gatekeeper and create small VOIP provider infrastructure, but calling from PC to PC is much easyer.
champ555Author Commented:
What is a gatekeeper ? What is h.323? Is that SIP?

Where can I find documentation to understand this.
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