I want to solve this problem

Hi Everybody.

I want to create a transpaerent window in windows CE, since there's no flag that allow me to create such a window, I need to create a floating window, then I need to capture the window under this floating window, and then I need to draw the captured area over the floating window.

I create the floating window, and I catch the mouse messages, when I release the left mouse button I want to draw the area under the floating window in the client area of the floating window.

but this doesn't happened,

So please can anyone help me in this problem?

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Well, suppose you implement rectangle selection using floating window. Now you need to capture this rectangle to bitmap. See first code fragment in the following article:

You need to change some parameters:

HBITMAP hCaptureBitmap =CreateCompatibleBitmap(hDesktopDC, nScreenWidth, nScreenHeight);
Replace nScreenWidth, nScreenHeight with selected rectangle width and height.

Replace nScreenWidth, nScreenHeight with selected rectangle width and height. Replace 0, 0 (before SRCCOPY) with selected rectangle left and top.

Having hCaptureBitmap handle, save it to bitmap file.
I remember that you want to get screen rectangle under the window. Maybe you can hide the window and then get screenshot in it's rectangle?
I suggested you to use transparent window but I didn't know that it doesn't work in your environment. Try global mouse hook with drawing directly on screen DC using DrawFocusRectangle.
MAnkeerAuthor Commented:
Dear All.

I want to inform you that also I need the data of the captured area I need to store the data in a bitmap file.

Thank you.
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