Have any of you ever seen memory sticks fail

Have any of you ever seen memory sticks fail...Thanks

IB Hangen
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Hi ibhangen,

Yes, I had... Mine! :(

I'm not sure what caused it. But after I bought a new one, I always activate the "Safely Remove Hardware" before removing it.
And take a great care using it. Better use it safely, than loose everything in it...


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Yes - using an old version of ACDSee to view images directly on a stick, in a camera connected to a Win98SE PC.
I understand it is a fairly common cause.
ibhangenAuthor Commented:
I back-up all my Biz data to 1. tape drive 2. DVD/RW, and 3. memory stick. Sound Paranoid ? Yep, I won't lose anything again after a mishap last year

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Yep, often. On our campus students tend to take the memory stick out before selecting safe removal, seems to often corrupt the data on them.
Yes, I have seen memory sticks (and/or various flash drives) fail.   Not often, but they can go.    Totally dependant on the quality of the device and manufacturing.  

I had one die within a month of getting it--   and at the same time, I have one that I've been using almost daily for over a year- no issues.    Your mileage may vary.    

Your primary task: *always make a copy of your memory stick on your computer*.      Never store critical file(s) on these things that you don't have a copy of elsewhere.

For example:  My flash drive on my keychain has all of my passwords--  completely portable (and encrypted, pw protected)--  and it's super cool and easy and portable.    But, each time I *update* it, I save a copy on my PC too.
never ran across one yet.  Had mine for over 2 years.  It's been good to me.
Yes, that's why you could use a free website like www.webdrive.dk instead of a memory stick.

Thanks for the points! I wish you a long life with your memory stick! Take good care of it, and it will serve you all time long! :)
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