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Flash - problem - maximised projector?


I know you're all screaming do a search...FS commands!! etc., but this isn't quite so straightforward. I have a swf which I want to run from a CD. No problems. The file is built at 800 x 600 and must stay at that res to avoid jaggies and artifacting. So - I can't simply fullscreen it. My idea was to have another projector file which was just white, running fullscreen, that called  my swf file and displayed it in the middle.

But - if I load using loadmovie - it loses the paths as it's no longer on level0....if I load it using loadmovienum (0) then it runs, but it effectively replaces the oriiginal file so I'm no better off....I can't use html as I don't want users to be forced to have the flash plug-in installed.....

1 Solution
Stage.scaleMode = "noScale";
fscommand("fullScreen", true);
isothermAuthor Commented:
thanks ddlam - I love you :-)

But I wonder why this gets no obvious mention in the mm "help"!! Oh well - I'll know for next time

Thanks again matey

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