URGENT: GeForce 6600GT PCI-E Display Problem

G'Day Guys!

I have a customer who I have just built a machine for.  He seems to be the "Kiss of Death" when it comes to putting a computer anywhere near him!  

This is the setup:

Thermaltake Soprano 450w
LCD Monitor LG L1915S-SN
AMD Athlon64 3700+ Skt939
2 x 200Gb 7200rpm 8Mb SATA
1 x 40Gb Maxtor (Old) Removeable Backup Drive
Iomega Zip Drive
1.44" Floppy Drive
DVD-RW (Samsung I think - trying to remember)
EPoX 9NPA+ Ultra NF4 Athlon64 Skt939
256Mb GeForce 6600GT PCI-E

Now, things are never easy at this place, and I spent most of today trying to work out how the photocopier was configured so that they could print to it.  Now it seems as though when you turn the computer on, these weird pixellation type of lines take over the screen.  It's like lines that are smudged.

I'm not sure what the issue is.  I have upgraded the drivers for the MB and Display Adaptor, it's a fresh install of XP, and the problem happens in POST and whilst displaying the splash screen via the BIOS.  I thought it could be a lack of power, seeing as there is a lot of crap in it.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated on this one!


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The power supply seems to be sufficient; does the video card have a separate connector not powering anything else?  Do the symptoms occur at the BIOS screen, before Windows comes up?  If it only happens in Windows, I suspect the Windows video card driver, and you should try a different version.
daveforsterAuthor Commented:
Nah, it happens in BIOS too.  Not sure what you're meaning by "separate connector not powering anything else".  If you mean a separate power connect for the fan for example, then the answer is no.
Only 2 things I can think of to test out,

1) Try a different monitor
2) Try a different video card.
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If the power is only driving a fan and the video card, it should be enough.  Test it in another system if you can, but this is a sign that either the card is overheating or the video RAM on it is bad.  It's not likely to be overheating if it happens right after a cold boot, so I think it's a bad card.
daveforsterAuthor Commented:
That was my thought as well! I'll whack another card in tomorrow, and let you know what happens.
I was thinking also if the card isn't making a good connection then you can get that problem also, so re-seat the card and CPU, I've run into a weird problem on one of the machines here that the CPU wasn't making a good connection and caused a weird video issue. so Re-seat the CPU and make sure to give it a little extra pressure to ensure it's getting a good connection.
daveforsterAuthor Commented:
I already tried re-seating the Video Card, but will also give the CPU a go too!  Thanks for that, I hadn't thought of that! :0)
Hi Dave

I've had a similar problem once with one of my PCI Express motherboards. It was basically an onboard graphics card witha 64-bit processor. I kep getting line accross the screen and the computer restarted sparodically. I checked all the usuals (power supply, memory, processor, overheating) and nothing seem to be up. I took the motherboard out to see if anything was causein a short circuit. I didn't find anything. I put the motherdboard in for one last ditch attempt and it worked fine. This has happened to me more than a few times in my 10 years of working on computers.

I know it sound crazy but try taking al the parts out and putting them back it. sometimes it works.

Good luck

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daveforsterAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys!

Okay!  I replaced the Video Card, and it didn't work, so I swapped the RAM over to DIMM 3 & 4 and that solved the problem with the graphics.  The random shut down and the "Blue Screen of Death" was caused by SP2 and the HTTP.sys stack problem with Anti-Virus.  So installed the patch and got that sorted!

Thanks to both of you for your comments, I appreciate it.  Points Split!


Wow! Good job dave, if you solved it yourself, you can post a free question in community support to have your question deleted and points refunded :)

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