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I'm an application developer. One of my customers wants to know if my apps can be run in a Citrix environment. How can I tell? Is there some sort of documentation specifying requirements?

Please help!
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How can you expect detail when you simply post "...How can I tell..."

I have explained that having done functionally rich WinForms there has been no issue when this is run over Citrix platform even though no specific coding was done to cater for Citrix.

No doubt you have already Googled and found not much in the way of test plans or things to check?

This is because generally applications will work on a Citrix farm without any change, and yes you need to do the testing yourself - what other way do you have to guarentee no issues?

Explain the architecture of your client - Web or Win; development language; etc.

Some reading for you   look at the comments re: 3rd party grid controls - seems to cause issues.   how citrix works and as a professional you can decipher some of the hype to help determine if it will work.   talks about application compatibility scripts but also states "Very few applications are written specifically to be used on Terminal Server. The general rule of thumb is that any application will work on Terminal Server, if you're willing to work with it"
Well, Citrix is a remote control system — generally running via a VPN.

I imagine that most applications can run fine within such an environment; but just to be sure, perhaps you could enlighten us on what your applications actually do, and if appropriate, how they do 'it' ...
If you can sit at the Citrix server and run your application (typically a Win200x server) then it will generally run fine over a Citrix environment to an end client.

There are a few gotchas that you need to be aware of as your application is running on the server, not the client. For instance, getting a list of defined printers from Windows will return those defined on the server, not the client, so local printing is one thing you need to design well. There are techniques within Citrix to do this so a competent Citrix administrator should be able to handle that.

I have wrote several applications that started life going to be a standard Win32 client application but were actually deployed to be run over Citrix and I never had to change a line of code to cater for it.

ChristophMurczekAuthor Commented:
You can think of my app as a client-server application using sockets or webservices to communicate. A client logs into my server to control his phone. So I guess in my scenario only the client would run "whithin" the Citrix environment.

Am I getting this right: The baseline is I need to do the testing myself and there are no hints as to what I should actually test?

This doesn't sound very promising.

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