WIN2003 Server DC re-naming

Maybe i am missing something quiet obvious here, I have a DC which died yesterday and i have now got my hands on a new server now what i would like to do is have this new server play the role of the old one but if i go to rename it to what it was .. it says it already exists, (which would be correct) but i need it to be the same as its listed everywhere in our Domain forest,  do i have to remove this DC completly from the organisation first or is there a simpler way

any help would be much appreciated
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mflanAuthor Commented:
Sorry just to add to this .......
this server is on a workgroup at the moment and if i try to "dcpromo" it i get this message ...

           The operation failed because:
           The attempt to join this computer to the "mydomain" domain failed
           "The specified user already exists."
You need to delete any reference to the failed DC before adding a new DC to your domain with the same name


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mflanAuthor Commented:
Hi Panjandrum,

i guess that's the only way to do it

thanks again
Yep it is...

Done it a few times in the past....

If you don't do a cleanup you will certainly run into problems in the future.
Check all FSMO roles and seize/move them to another server prior to the dc-de-promo process

The cleanup itself is quite standard
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