Visual Studio.NET 2003 debug problems


since acquiring a replacement laptop I'm having difficulty debugging (or even running) applications in Visual Studio.NET 2003. Yesterday everything was working. Today, the web application just refuses to load in the browser window, either via Debugging, running without debugging or even in a stand alone window.

No error messages/dialogs, nothing. Just a blank browser window... forever and a day.

If I stop debugguing and close Visual Studio, the application just hangs, and I have to reboot my laptop to get it to return to any sense of normality.

I'm working on my home broadband connected to my office via VPN.  My application is held in sourcesafe.

If I create a non-sourcesafe application locally, and debug that application I DON'T have a problem!!!

Very weird.

Any clues anyone?

btw, I have the updated dot net framework 1.1 installed, as is IIS and FP extensions, MS Office 2003 and FrontPage 2003. Im running Windows XP Pro SP2, SQL Server 2000, laptop has 512 memory. The laptop has ZoneLabs and CA AntiVirus installed
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When you start in debug mode, and set a breakpoint in your Page_Load, does Visual Studio hit the breakpoint?

Or maybe you're getting a runtime error in your app.
- check your project web.config, try setting customErrors mode="Off" (maybe it's not showing you the exception?)
- check your local IIS setup for the project
- check your project source control binding --> File --> Source Control --> Change source control
obyapkaAuthor Commented:
1. setting a breakpoint in the default start page page_load is never met!!
2. customerrors is already set to Off
-IIS works for a noddy Hello World web app
3. I can access sourcesafe and see my files via File-SourceControl-Microsoft Visual Sourcesafe (held on a server at the office) - Chagne Source Control displayed an hourglass for a minute before displaying the correct dialog.

Ive stopped and restarted the IIS and web services to no avail.

(I think this laptop is going back for another replacement, never had these problems in the 3 years I've been dotnetting.)
Hmm... check your event log. Anything in there?

It sounds like a permissions issue to me. IIS doesn't even run the page logic because you're not allowed. There's something your sourcesafe app is trying to do that you don't have setup.
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obyapkaAuthor Commented:
but after having similar problems on Thu/Fri, it worked fine yesterday... same connections, same application... I even managed to debug successfully a few times this morning, before it packed in...

the IIS log tells me nothing, only the file it attempted to display (time, IP, GET /folder/file.aspx and code 200)
Ok try this:

1. Close all visual studio instances.
2. Shutdown IIS
3. Delete everything in C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\Temporary ASP.NET Files
** If it won't let you delete, you'll have to reboot your machine
4. Restart IIS
5. Open your project again in visual studio
6. Rebuild

It may be that Visual Studio is holding on to an old DLL. This usually occurs if one of your assemblies is over 64 KB.
obyapkaAuthor Commented:
zilch !! (though the app did load into much quicker) Theres no problems with the app, about 100+ pages, and web services, developed over 12 months, so its nothing new!

I even kicked the application off in release mode, and I can't close the emptry browser window !!! Even Task Manager can't finish it off!

Did you try the Windows event log as well as the IIS log?
%SystemRoot%\system32\eventvwr.msc /s

There's something with your laptop that's beyond what I can help with here. I still think it's a permissions or connection thing. The hanging makes me think your VPN is interfering somehow (Windows is busy trying to establish a connection), and the blank page makes me think the permissions aren't working. Have you tried re-installing the VPN?
obyapkaAuthor Commented:
software such as the VPN are installed by the desktop people that gave me the replacement laptop - ie - the laptop is a "standard build" for developers, I then add my own software - SQL and Visual Studio.  
I'll try it on the company network tomorrow and see if it has the same problems.
obyapkaAuthor Commented:
update... still having problems, but Visual SourceSafe can be removed from the equation.
If I'm working locally, no network access I can build/run/debug the web application no problem.
However if I'm on the company network when I build/run/debug, it hangs all network access from the laptop... i.e. no outlook, no internet browser, cannot debug nor close Visual Studio, Task Manage is of no use whatsoever. I can either press the off switch for 5 seconds to force a switch off, or I can wait 20 minutes for a Start menu Shut Down to take place.... our desktop people are clueless.
obyapkaAuthor Commented:
problem sort of solved. There is a firewall/program control/email protection program installed called integrity flex. The desktop people suspended the program and everything worked fine.

This question can be closed, resolved it "myself"
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